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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:The Apprentice
Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 30/10/14 15:47:00

I used to love the apprentice now its just full of reality wannabes such a ruination of a very good concept.

Business wannabes as well,a journalist recently had a look at the "multiple business owners " books and none of them are up to much finacially if at all infact.

Intersting not many of the winners have gone on to do much either.
Tim the first winner seems to be doing Ok working with govt initiatives,simon is running a couple of clubs but he was allways going to do well oxbridge public school waller.

The inventor fella has 4ook floating around including Alamn Sugars 250....last years winner has made sweet whatsits so far,

"Thats what im talking about" well hes on 40k a year as a self employed sales trainer.

The one who really cracked it louisa last years runner up is turning over 3 mill a year with her baking business.

...and of course Lord sugar who in life got lucky getting the contract to install BskyB dishes because most other things he turned to apart from property ended in tears.

,,,why didnt Dara get stuck into the Funny of the whole 10 series ,it was washed over,Lord Elp Us Sugar said to Sarah

"so sarah with your hypnothereapy you help people with erectile dysfunction,,,,dont look in her eyes nick"
Comic timing was excellant, Hilarious

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