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Topic: The Apprentice
Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 30/10/14 13:09:00

Has the whole of W4 given up watching the Apprentice ? - I thought there might have been some comment on here about last nights triple firing...

That Sarah Dales managed the rare feat of coming across even worse on You're Fired than on the main show, normally fired candidates come across as being far more down to earth and normal than as portrayed on the show, but she possesses a very 'offish' demeanour and Dara did a commendable job of recovering the show from a very awkward moment when she started trying to probe the lady on the panel about her personal life infront of millions of viewers. 

Had to agree with Sugar that the other woman didn't convey much business acumen and judging by her childlike pleading at the end she's probably got through her tender 23 years always used to getting her own way through emotional blackmail.

With Steven I think he's one of those people those who know him either love or hate, what he described as being 'passion' I'd describe as being "a loose cannon", humility and knowing when to accept blame and take criticism positively would go a long way.

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