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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:BEST local estate agent
Posted by: Tony Buchanan
Date/Time: 29/10/14 15:21:00

Why give them 1.5 % when a beautiful house sells itself and unfortunately most agents will be economical with the truth and your jaw would drop if you heard what they were saying.Best to only use an agent who is RICS qualified since they are subject to a strict code of conduct.Unqualified forget it they just know how to drive a mini.
It's worth giving an online fixed fee service a punt because 1.5% is crazy money for a lovely property that will sell itself and as we all know you just need to get it listed on the 2 main websites.
I believe some online services can even sort out the viewings but for those who are duped into believing an agent vets prospective buyers bear in mind they are under pressure to tell the vendor "we've had x viewings this week".They don't care whether some of the viewers do not have  a proverbial pot or are locals just having a snoop before they market their own.
Never place a property with more than one agent it will be the kiss of death.
I knew an agent who always went ballistic when a prospective seller asked for a valauation and then the agent found the property advertised in the Sunday Times quoting the same price.How unfair !

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