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Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 28/10/14 22:15:00

Nigel, you are the perfect sheeple that governments long for, to repeatedly pull the wool over the eyes of, so they can pursue their objectives by fraudulent means, which includes the controlling and monitoring of you with ever increasing surveillance. The Woolwich incident was staged Ė itís as simple as that. How do I know? Because thatís what the evidence shows; and itís just one of many such events that has been used by government(s) to stir up hatred of Muslims and gain support for their global ambitions. Yes, I know itís all above you Ė this is evident in each and every posting you make, and itís sad to watch. However, Iím not going to go into detail about the Woolwich hoax as Iíve nothing to add to what I posted on my own Woolwich Hoax thread a couple of months ago; plus this thread is, primarily, about photoshops. Your explanation for the photoshopped black splodge covering the whole of ĎLee Rigbyísí head, is that they Ďtouched it upí. Thatís not credible Ė firstly because it has undergone considerably more than Ďtouching upí and, secondly, whilst people may put some extra effort into getting their hair right for some photos, no-one has their entire head photoshopped after the photo has been taken; so how about providing a credible explanation? And while youíre at it, can you also provide a credible explanation as to why the beheaded picture of David Haines was photoshopped?†

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