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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Photoshop Lessons - URGENT
Posted by: Russell Pearson
Date/Time: 27/10/14 12:55:00

There are cheaper ways for sure, not sure how good they are. Essentially all that's needed is opaqueness - Are the Photo Black ones simply more dense blackness?

I'm going to an induction session at Kew Studios and I know they print out onto computer paper and use oil to make it transparent. There's no way they could afford $500 worth of software!  Their instructions are simply to save out as bitmap to make the positives. The professional software seems to automate this - will download the demo when I have a printer it can work on. One guy I spoke to said I need Illustrator or lots of time.

It all costs and now my old MacBook Pro from  2009 is under the strain of Photoshop, lots of wheel spinning while it processes. I put a SSD in and doubled the memory to 8 gig to extend its life, but I think it's a bit too pushed now. Dunno if a MacMini would now be the option to go for.

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