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Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 28/10/14 18:01:00

Georgina, yes, they are claimed to be two different people. The photo of the guy with the real hair (white shirt) is that of a soldier by the name of Karl Whittle, who was reportedly killed in Afghanistan (where Rigby is also claimed to have served) 9 months prior to the Rigby incident. There are many anomalies within the Lee Rigby claims, including the image of him presented to the public in full dress uniform, which not only appears to be a photoshop, but looks remarkably like a photoshopped Karl Whittle. Nigel says he can understand why they ‘touched up’ the photo. Really? There are other photos claimed to be that of Lee Rigby, and he has a full head of hair. If you google ‘Lee Rigby Wedding’, you’ll see some photos (no guests though). I don’t believe that he would have had his hair switched for a black splodge, and I see no reason why anyone else would want to change his hair in this way. The most likely explanation is that the whole picture is a photoshopped creation, with the possibility that Karl Whittle's photo was used as the base.

Alan, so you haven’t viewed the evidence then. It shows; and there are some very clever ‘dumb’ people about… polite too.

‘Rogana’, you sound very unsexy – welcome to the forum.

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