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Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 25/10/14 15:51:00

I think it's down to the individual. No two people are the same and there isnít a one size fits all scenario that advertising leads us to believe.

When you have a condition with the nerves leading away from your ear to your brain being either damaged or dead† there is no hearing aid that will help this problem or aid you to hear in some way, although it has been suggested in the past that a colossal amount of money would buy me a gadget that may help.

Al that does is transfer any noise from the deaf side through the bone (scull) to the ear that can hear, which far from ideal and might as well not be there.

Just to add another discussion within a discussion, Contracting Measles at four years of age killed the nears to one ear gives you something to think about

By the way I have never heard any music in stereo, can anyone describe to me how it sounds?† † †

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