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Topic: Er...what did you say?
Posted by: David Darlow
Date/Time: 25/10/14 13:21:00

This month, there's an interesting report in Which magazine. It says that a huge number of people need hearing aids, but that on average it takes them 10 years to realise the fact.  Well my 10 years are up.  Whilst I find things like police sirens, and announcements on the tube, deafening, normal conversation can often be a real problem.

The Which report goes on to say that suppliers deliberately conceal their prices to make it difficult to compare between them, and that they frequently try to inveigle you to purchase unnecessarily expensive aids, costing thousands.  The independent suppliers are said to be much better than places like SpecSavers, and the NHS will often approve some of these independents. So my questions are: have any of our regulars had hearing aids fitted by an independent firm? How good were they?How much did they charge? And are they NHS approved?

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