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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Er...what did you say?
Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 25/10/14 15:02:00

Vanessa I dont know how bad your husbands tinnitus is as for me 4 years aoi mine really got bad a strong thing to say but if I had had the guts I wouldnt be messing about on this forum now. Anyway I paid to see an ear specialist not an Ent guy who are useless (what Do they do for their money?) He said he knew I wouldnt believe him but if I got hearing aids which he would organise through the nhs when I had them in my tinnitus would reduce in per eption by at least 50% he was right life savers tbh.I keep them on at night and for some bizarre reason even though itsquiet they knock the t off a good 80% (just aids no masker noise in them) If he is struggling he has to pursue this vanessa.its not as though im deaf I dont need them to hear people but I have some mild high freq hearing loss.

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