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Topic: Re:Is any of this true?
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 24/10/14 12:51:00

" I can't believe it is true"

No, it's not true, given that illegal immigrants (and indeed many legal ones) are not entitled to benefits, in fact it's a carefully crafted propagandistic fake to appeal to a particular segment of the population, as these things normally are.  The grouping together of 'illegal immigrants' and 'refugees' is also entirely dishonest and indicates precisely what kind of person is pushing this nonsense.

There is plenty of information available as to what the real position regarding social security and immigration is, including the relative contributions of newly arrived immigrants in the labour force in the form of tax and NI versus benefits received, and the relative economic performance of areas with high immigration against areas with low immigration*.  Somehow that never gets packaged up into a dishonest appeal to bigotry and emotion and circulated around Facebook.

* Note the poll on the front page - we have far more immigrants in west London than in Clacton, yet UKIP are nowhere here and have an MP there.  If people were actually worried about the real impact of immigration it would be the other way around.

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