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Topic: Re:Chiswick High Road
Posted by: Michael Robinson
Date/Time: 21/10/14 21:15:00

From Mayors Questions:

Question No: 2014/2696
Darren Johnson
Why has there been no apparent progress on taking forward the Hounslow Cycle Superhighway, despite it being 18 months since councillors agreed designs?
Written response from the Mayor
We are discussing with the London Borough of Hounslow a substantial investment to support delivery of a cycle route of equivalent standard to a Cycle Superhighway along the A315, which is the route followed by CS9. We have proposed to the Borough that its designs should be more ambitious, and progress is being made. We are also in discussions with the London Borough Hammersmith and Fulham about provision on its section of the A315. However, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has made it clear that it does not support a segregated superhighway on its section of the route.

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