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Topic: Chiswick High Road
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 16/10/14 19:23:00

What it looks like, oddly, is that a major TfL initiative is dependent on borough co-operation - presumably Hounslow and the new LBHF administration are all for the scheme while as we've seen RBKC are refusing to co-operate, so there's a gap between Olympia and Hyde Park Corner where you go, presumably, from the new CS standard 4 metre wide two way lanes to mixing it with buses and HGVs, which is a bit of a jolt.

There's also the substantial issue of where you put a 4m wide segregated lane between Hammersmith and Hounslow - down Chiswick High Road and Brentford High Street, obviously, but there are some relatively narrow bits and obviously at present TfL are engaged in encouraging more traffic into the area.  On the other hand it should help defray some of the impacts of the new housing in Brentford if you've got a world-class cycling facility outside.

Still, the rage of the Boris-voting petrolheads will be amusing to watch; you did know this was in his manifesto, I hope?

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