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Topic: Re:CS9
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 21/08/14 21:24:00

Last we heard it had basically been abandoned after Kensington and Chelsea objected to fixing High Street Kensington so it's actually comfortable to cycle along by providing segregated infrastructure*.  There's a telling FoI release of RBKC documents somewhere, as well as a lot of cycling blogs discussing what might be going on there.

* One issue is that Cllr Daniel Moylan, who was Deputy Chair of TfL and is one of Boris's key transport advisors, is a rather vain and pompous enthusiast for the nonsensical idea of 'shared space' and also rather protective of the changes to HSK he pushed through a few years ago and doesn't want those nasty segregationists mucking around with it.  There's evidence that he's been working to push against CS9 being properly done in RBKC.

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