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Posted by: Iain Muir
Date/Time: 20/10/14 00:10:00

Thanks for the spelling correction Kim...... I can agree about Acton house prices, I think I sold mine a little bit early so may have lost out, according to recent for sales in my ex road.... However a buyer in the hand is better than a buyer in the Bush, so I have no regrets and the people that bought my house are also happy....... win win..... Frances, the original design for the Oaks was not good and revisions did not improve it much. There was/is genuine local opposition to the plans that got final approval but in advance of the local elections the Tories took a rather cynical approach in joining in the opposition, conveniently forgetting the planning blunders they made in Ealing town centre when last in power. There is still an ongoing case for appeal of the judicial review by the opposition, funded by locals stumping up 100 each. I doubt it will be successful. Acton High Street needs serious upgrading..... The planning is residential in a 10? storey tower (no affordable) and retail. A phase two scheme is under consutation.

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