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Topic: Re:The duke of York
Posted by: David Cheesman-Biggs
Date/Time: 14/10/14 21:51:00

Thankyou for your interest, everyone

Jim, We have had to tell only one 'scallywag' that he wont ever be drinking in the Duke of York again (at least not for as long as we're here) and it was all done without fuss, unpleasantness and brawling. I spent 16 great years in the Army, some of it as an Instructor at Sandhurst and so I appreciate that there are nicer and more productive ways of keeping naughty people in line than cutting them down to size in front of their mates and everyone else.
Michael, you are spot-on about how Sky TV charges the pub trade (rateable value and turnover) and they quoted us 15000 per year!! We would love to show live Sky sport Robert but I hope you can now understand that paying Sky's subscription charge and paying the rent would be a sport in itself!
Robert and David, I'm afraid we don't stock Chiswick Bitter or ESB on draught at the moment, mainly because it's rarely asked for, although we do have ESB by the bottle. We have HSB on draught along side London Pride, both of which are proving popular and hope to add to our Real Ales as trade builds.
Your comments are very much appreciated as they give us a feel of what the local people want.

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