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Topic: Re:The duke of York
Posted by: David Cheesman-Biggs
Date/Time: 13/10/14 12:52:00

Thankyou Chris!
I am David Cheesman-Biggs and with my wife Dee and son Tom, moved into The Duke of York as new tenants a few weeks ago.
When we first checked out the pub we were made aware that it had a chequered history! but we saw it as an opportunity to create the sort of 'community' pub which we love to run - a welcoming pub where everyone from old-timers to young people have respect for each other and where everyone contributes to a friendly atmosphere.
Before we moved in we knew that the pub had lost it's way and that a good few regulars had moved away to other pubs and so we are delighted that many of them are moving back to enjoy a 'civilised' Duke of York again.
It is, of course a Fullers house and I can truthfully say that we have had only the nicest comments for how we keep and serve our beers(even more praise for the fact that we charge only 3.50 for a pint of Pride).
For anyone who doesn't know The Duke of York, or gave up in despair in the past, or don't like the shiny big beer houses on the High Road, you'll be made very welcome here.

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