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Topic: Re:Re:Trusted/loving dog walker
Posted by: Tom Croxall-Ingram
Date/Time: 24/09/14 23:19:00

Hi Lynne,

So lovely to get your message!! Oh my god you could be my savour. Lexus is seven years male spaniel. He had the very best training as a puppy and was trained as a gun dog and continued to be a gun dog for the first two years i lived in London. Unfortunately London life meant we didn't do as much training or go shooting as much. He has a tough few years as we suffered a burglary three years ago and lexus was at home when it happened. Since that day he has 'issues' with certain kinds of people. If it astonishing that we have been able to build a profile of the person who burgled us by Lexus' reaction to different people and then earlier this year while outside a shop a cyclist in full reflective cycle gear innocently came up to lexus and spooked him (It was late in the night) and lexus caught his finger while growling/biting out. The cyclist, who was bloody stupid in the first place to approach a dog he doesn't know in full reflective gear, turned on lex and beat him up. Fortunately I heard the noise and came out the shop and left the cyclist in no doubt of my feelings. Since then my professional circumstances have changed and Lexus has to stay a long time at home alone and I am starting to see his behaviour change even more. I need to nip this in the bud now and need someone who will love him and be with him for a few hours. We have a lovely cleaner who comes on Monday and Friday who totally adores him and he her. She lets him out in the garden and plays with him. I need a dog walker on Tuesday and Thursday for a minimum of two hours to take lexus to gunners bury park, syon house or along the river. I live on the chiswick high road but at the brentford end. We are very lucky to have gunners bury only a 5 minute walk away. I do hope you have availability on these two days? I would love to introduce you to Lexus this weekend if you would be interested. Ideally on Saturday morning or early evening as I also work Saturday's for another client. Please do give me a call anytime to discuss. 07775 898337.

Best wishes,


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