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Topic: Trusted/loving dog walker
Posted by: Tom Croxall-Ingram
Date/Time: 23/09/14 23:31:00

I know there are some past posts and lots or people asking the same question but I am looking for a lovely dog walker for my 7 year old spaniel. My work commitments are now such that I am away from home longer than I like to be and I am noticing his social skills are being affected because of this. He is gorgeous, loyal and excellent on and off the lead (whistle trained). He loves the ladies (flirts outrageously with our cleaner) :). Ideally looking to meet with a potential walker/carer this weekend to start next week, minimum of two days per week (Tuesday/Wednesday) for at least 2 hour walk. He is a 'working spaniel' so it good with other dogs although if he's in a grumpy mood he does snap back (The grumpy mood is probably aimed at me for being a bad owner and getting home late).  Would be great to hear from someone or receive recommendations. Thanks so much

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