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Topic: Re:SOS TREES – Save Our Southfields Trees
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 13/09/14 01:31:00

See my post on this here a couple of days ago.  These are the replies I got when I contacted the council about it.  I am not convinced.

From Richard Clews:-

Dear Claire,

Thank you for your email.

The proposal is to remove six of the ten Poplar trees located at the rear of Alexandra Road.

This proposal to remove six trees has been made in accordance with the Tree Strategy ETP03:   Council owned trees form an integral part of the borough’s urban tree stock and the Council will not remove trees without careful consideration.  Under certain circumstances trees may be removed: to abate an actionable nuisance; to mitigate the risk of building subsidence; where the outcome will be advantageous to the tree stock and in accordance with good arboricultural practice; or to maintain health and safety.

Two of the Poplar trees have a weak, multi-stemmed structure. These six Poplar trees of early middle age have a high growth potential and starting a regime of frequent crown reduction or pollarding to manage these Park trees at a size acceptable for their location and number is not recommended as it is not in accordance with good arboricultural practice for park trees. The older Poplar trees on the west and north perimeters have been repeatedly pollarded for many years and we are continuing this method of maintenance for these few older trees while they can be maintained safely.

From Pat Robinson:

Thank you for your email regarding the thinning of several Poplar trees on the Eastern side of Southfield Rec.
For clarification, six trees are due to be removed from the area in question.
The line of Poplars were planted 40-50 years ago in a location that is unsuitable for trees of this size. Thinning the line will benefit the remaining trees, and also help the development of trees in the nature area nearby, which provide greater opportunities for biodiversity in the park, and cover and shade in this area in  the future.. Throughout the winter, some trees In the nature area will also be thinned out,  this is a simple form of woodland management that will improve the health of the other trees in the area and allow more light to reach the woodland floor, benefitting plants, insects, birds and mammals. We will also aim to use some of the wood from the six Poplars in the nature area for wildlife habitat.

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