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Topic: Re:Tabby & White Cat
Posted by: Joy Corbett
Date/Time: 10/09/14 00:11:00

This is from my local vet - I have not seen the cat since my last posting.
"I would suggest trying to contact Acton Lane Surgery (formerly CJ Hall Vets) as they are closer  than we are - their contact number is 020 8992 6000, who may be able to let you know of any missing cats around there. If the cat is friendly you can try taking them to the nearest vet, and they can try scanning her for a microchip which would help to reunite if they have been lost. Alternatively you can try giving the Hounslow dog warden (020 8583 5555) or Battersea Dogs and Cats home a call and seeing if they could take the cat, their lost and found number is 0901 477 8477 (this is a premium rate number, just so you're aware)."

I hope this helps,

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