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Topic: Re:Re: New Spectacles
Posted by: Jeff Gear
Date/Time: 28/08/14 13:04:00

I've been thro' that mill too, and it's difficult, so I sympathise.
Varifocals are superb when they're accurately set up, but not everyone can get along with them.  Because of that, it's my understanding that across lens suppliers there is a 90 day grace period.  If the user does not find them satisfactory the optician can return them and get a refund.
The choice of frame is important for varifocals. They need a degree of wrap around so that the lenses are close to the eyes, an angle of vertical tilt in at the bottom of the lenses to provide best use of the close reading zone, and an adequate (but not excessive) depth of lens frame.
The last and trickiest bit is that the frames must be a good fit such that they reliably go to the same position on your head and stay there, and the lenses must be very accurately positioned within the frames to match your pupil positions.

The only reason I know all this that I've been through your struggles - I'm not an optician!  I've been wearing varifocals for age related long sightedness with steadily increasing prescriptions for 15-20 years, and have had some bad failures at new prescription time.

Varifocal lenses vary widely in price, possibly for good reason, and I suspect the usual rule applies.  For what it's worth every successful pair I've had have been Essilor lenses, and my last two pairs have been Essilor Varilux S lenses, supplied and fitted by Nick at Eye Studio. They have a computerised alignment gizmo that you look into wearing your chosen frame. It tracks both your eye and head movements while you shift your gaze to determine the best alignment of the lenses within the frames.  It works for me - I wear my varis all day and seem to see everything clearly without conscious effort.

To finish on the reccos, I've had very accurate, patient and courteous eye tests from both Jean-Charles Allary at Shermans, and Patricia Ryan at Eye Studio.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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