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Topic: Re: New Spectacles
Posted by: James Petri
Date/Time: 27/08/14 13:12:00

Thank you everyone for your responses. I have received a new pair of varifocals and the problem I am faced with is that at the distance of reading/computers and the like, what I focus on in one eye is unfocused in the other to varying degrees. Is that acceptable? Strictly speaking I can see things for a minute or so, or maybe 5, but I soon get to the point where my brain cannot take what I am seeing any longer. SO many things affect matters eg when reading book/newspaper, I can adjust where the book/newspaper is, but not with computer. There is one very small area where I can focus both eyes together but it takes a few seconds to find it and it requires me to look slightly right while facing slightly left. It is driving me bonkers. I have been back to the opticians about 6 times, glasses back to the manufacturers at least once if not twice; endless adjustments made. I am very patient but fear my next call from them I will be told there is no more they can do. I would say they have been incredibly patient and friendly too and have been determined, so it seems, to get to the bottom of the problem but last time they said they had done everything now and the glasses are correct. Long distance is fine. Stupidly I paid all the money up front....going there for 35 years and never ever a problem.
Is it possible my eyes are no longer suited to varifocals??? The funny thing is that my prescription is very little different from my last pair and I only got a new pair because the arm of my old ones broke off and it was going to cost 70 to repair and I thought best to put that money towards a new pair. I prefer my old pair. What are my options?

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