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Topic: Re:Re:Re:time for a new Nook
Posted by: Lucy Chambers
Date/Time: 07/08/14 17:40:00

I was loaned a free Kobo as part of a school's experiment with ebooks.  It never functioned correctly and I was delighted when I had to give it back.  I now have a Nook and a Sony  to try out for school use and to borrow library books and a Kindle to buy books.  You can't yet borrow library books on a Kindle, unless you subscribe to their own system. Sony ereaders are no longer being made for the export market and closed its store a while back, transferring business to Kobo, but I like it better than the Nook, which I feels less substantial.  You can also download borrowed books from the library direct to the Sony via wifi, rather than through a computer.

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