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Topic: What a mess
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 20/04/24 17:28:00

MET POLICE Assistant commissioner released a statement apologising about a Jewish man who wanted to leave the counter-Israel protest against the anti-Israel protest by walking away. A sergeant said you can't leave until the anti-Israel protesters have gone. The sergeant said to the man. "if you leave I will arrest you for your safety as you look openly Jewish"

Met assistant commissioner statement

"On behalf of the Metropolitan Police, the officer's use of the phrase was hugely regrettable".

But then he went on to say

  "Mr Falter's presence had been "provocative" and the release of the footage would "further dent the confidence of many Jewish Londoners".

Now the MET POLICE have released a statement and not by the assistant commissioner saying the following.

"We posted a statement about a video released by the campaign against antisemitism".

"in an effort to make a point about policing of protest, we caused further offence"

"That statement has now been removed. We apologise for the offence it caused"

First, the man is subject to arrest for his safety because he looks openly Jewish and now the apology then goes on to say that counter-protests who openly film are "provocative" and now they apologise in a statement about the statement which they have now removed.

Oh boy, what a mess. They need to get a grip on things which they have let slip and get to this point from day one.

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