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Topic: Parking costs hike
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Posted by: Simon Mabbutt
Date/Time: 17/12/19 17:49:00

My issue is with parking. Serco, the contractors for issuing PCN's are reducing their staff by 8. As a result, the council have obviously looked at the financial implications.
They therefore intend to increase the PCN charge which is going to hit many lower paid employees for a minor misdemeanor. Secondly they have moved to park by phone and stopped the half hour parking to a minimum of 1 hour. What was wrong with Ringo? How many of us stop for only 10 to 15 mins to get something from a shop in Chiswick and go. Now you will pay for 1 hour for 15 mins parking.
Hounslow Council need to wake up. Their strategy for parking controls will destroy Chiswick local shops even more.

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