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Posted by: Jamie Wiseman
Date/Time: 17/01/16 16:32:00

I'm not a computer repair person, just a fellow forum member who has used and maintained Macs for twenty years.  I'm happy to offer advice... feel free to email me with more specifics if you wish. 

From your initial post its unclear what you may need to do because there are several different ways data can be moved from one laptop or HD to another.  Here are some of the things to think about.

(I'm assuming the drives are actually in working order - even if the system contained is no longer bootable)

Firstly which models are we talking about and are they working?  As someone has already said there were always ways to mount one Apple computer onto the desktop of another from where you would drag and drop files as normal... but it does depend on the difference in age of the machines, and of course that also governs the leads you might need. 

Secondly, if the old machines aren't working it may well be possible.... with a few minutes and a screwdriver, to remove the hard drives.  If you do this then you can simply buy an external housing for them -at the cost of a few pounds- to mount the hard drives on your new computer.  This has the advantage of being speedier as far as data transfer is concerned, and more easily achieved without needing a whole lot of cables you'd have no further use of. 

Thirdly, what is the data you are trying to recover?  If it's an old photo library then it should be simple enough... if it's a database for some long since obsolete software package then it may be not much use to you anyway. 

As far as using external people to help, this could get very expensive very quickly.  A data recovery company will charge hundreds and hundreds, but a repair person - with limited instructions to simply remove and rehouse hard drives for you to do the rest, for example, would be a much better option. 
You also should consider, given the reputations of some computer shops, the safety of your private data.

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