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Topic: Re:Tarmac Pavements for Dukes Avenue
Posted by: Tony Bowden
Date/Time: 15/01/16 16:58:00

Dear John,

I am absolutely delighted to tell you that in the last hour, I have received a call from Martin Clack of Hounslow Highways explaining that our concerns regarding the Tarmac of Dukes Avenue paving has been halted and he acknowledged that for whatever reason, the solution being applied is incorrect.

A meeting has been arranged for Monday morning and the correct solution as defined for Devonhurst and applied in Heritage Fringe will be implemented.

This will include the small block paving. The tree pit solution and the small blocks for cross overs.

Martin has agreed to send me a letter confirming all of this so I feel entirely confident that residents of Devonhurst concerns have been listened to and action will be taken swiftly to remedy matters.

We can all start the weekend feeling more comfortable about this.

Best wishes,

Tony Bowden
Mobile 07850 905538

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