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Topic: Tarmac Pavements for Dukes Avenue
Posted by: John Armstrong
Date/Time: 15/01/16 11:54:00

Contractors have just started replacing the pavements on Dukes Avenue. Three years ago we were promised paving blocks and slabs to a high quality spec, with very localised tarmac or gravel-resin tightly around the trees. Foster Rd and Wavendon Avenue pavements have since been done like this.

However, in Dukes Avenue, the tar is being applied much more liberally, so that the whole stretch of pavement from Wavendon Avenue to the first house is tarmacked. If this carries on, the whole street will have predominantly tarmac pavements and will look tacky: hardly in keeping with its history and 'heritage' status.

The councillor to write to if you feel so inclined is

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