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Posted by: Richard Radcliffe
Date/Time: 15/01/16 16:34:00

I thank you all for your comments.... both good and bad! I'm the founder of W4 Guardians, and quite rightly it has been pointed out that all employees of the company are SIA licenced and vetted. This venture has been designed from market research, including focus groups and an online survey on this website. The results pointing towards a large percentage of participants wanting added protection and peace of mind, which we now provide. I am a Chiswick resident with a young family and a distinguished career history in the British Army(not the typical likely lad trying to make a quick buck). Chiswick Police are aware of our presence and fully understand what we are trying to achieve. An oversight, however, has been not informing Ealing Police covering the Southfields area. I look forward to reading further comments.    

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