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Topic: Re:W4 Guardians leaflet
Posted by: Angela Peel
Date/Time: 14/01/16 19:50:00

I have had an email from Neighbourhood Watch about this:
W4 Guardians, an independent security company, have been advertising their new business/operations by putting leaflets into residents' letterboxes and have just placed a recent advertisement on the Chiswick W4 front page.

In a previous email communication, they have also made claims that they have aims to work closely with, and add value to the Police Service and other local schemes such as the Neighbourhood Watch.

We have shared all these circulations with the Police and

Sgt Carl Massey just sent me his input with this regard:

"My advice would be to inform residents that Ealing Borough has no affiliation or sponsorship of W4 Guardians. It is of course at the homeowners discretion should they wish to sign up to the service but I would re-iterate that as well as us at Southfield Local Policing Team, there are also various other Police resources dedicated to patrols of the area."

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