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Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 14/01/16 14:04:00

Just to say that the wording on 192 is a little misinformed and is put up with no direct linking to the text. At the end of the day they want you to pay money when you join,and the information may be incorrect as of current date but may relate to older dates. However they do also link names and area postcode with business director names and postcode and filed info. So the electoral roll info may not be exactly the source,but could be depending on the opt out.

Also the information may not turn out to be you which 192 dont claim to be but how many Curzon Tussaud's in W4 against Jim Smith

If you was to put your name followed by w4 in Google your full name and address will appear as you are linked to Companies House. This as i say this may not be you but likely with the name taken into consideration.

The entry 2014-15 may be the electoral roll but at guess id say the 192 system has been updated and the name and w4 is the link and therefore you full information will be shown. But as a say,it maybe another Curzon Tussaud in W4 and 192 is a database and not pinpoint accuracy to the person your looking for.

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