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Posted by: James Petri
Date/Time: 10/01/16 18:23:00

Who do we write to within Hounslow council? 
Before Christmas I rang the Environment Department to arrange for leaves to be cleared up.  Naturally they wanted to know where they were.  After quite a bit of faffing around trying to understand my very clear instructions we arrived at a mutually known point on the map nearby.  I said to go east from there along such-and-such Road.  Astonishingly I was asked not to use points of the compass to give directions!  Not because points of the compass themselves are confusing (I used only the cardinal points) but because the person did not know where East was EVEN THOUGH WE WERE DOING IT FROM THE MAP which presumably had North indicated on it??  By all means employ people who don't know East from West but surely not in a position where knowing East from West is required? It's more the fault of the person who put them in that job.  Needless to say the leaves were never collected: I had raked them up into piles ready for them but they took so long to (not) come that the wind has spread them all out again. I even offered to collect them all up myself, very happy to do so, if they could supply the bags.  "No no" they said "no need.  We'll come and collect". I rang again on Friday to arrange: this time utterly different....they rang off before I could even tell them where the leaves were.  It wouldn't really matter but the leaves are killing the grass under them turning it into a muddy mess...rather like the council. Sorry about they say, it's always good to talk, a problem shared is a problem halved.

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