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Topic: Guidance on tall buildings
Posted by: Karen Liebreich
Date/Time: 08/01/16 18:47:00

Historic England (which used to be English Heritage) has just issued a new Advice Note. This is supposed to be taken into account by borough decision makers:  "It seeks to guide people involved in planning for and designing tall buildings so that they may be delivered in a sustainable and successful way through the development plan and development management process. The advice is for all relevant developers, designers, local authorities and other interested parties."

"... if the building is not in the right place and well designed a tall building, by virtue of its size and widespread visibility, can also seriously harm the qualities that people value about a place. What might be considered a tall building will vary according to the nature of the local area. A ten-storey building in a mainly twostorey neighbourhood will be thought of as a tall
building by those affected, whereas in the centre of a large city it may not. One of the principal failings in the design of certain tall buildings was a lack of understanding of the nature of the area around them, and the impact they would have on both specific features of the historic environment and its general character. There have been many examples of tall buildings that have had a lasting adverse impact through being unsuitably located, poorly designed, inappropriately detailed and badly built and managed."

Here's the whole thing:

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