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Topic: PCN Appeal - seeking advice
Posted by: Peter Newham
Date/Time: 16/12/15 08:27:00


Seeking some advice with regards a PCN.

I believe I have two potential grounds for appeal.

The first is that the PCN states an incorrect vehicle registration number. The second letter of the VRN on the PCN is an N whereas it should be an M.

The second is slightly less robust. I was parked on a single yellow line at 1243 on a Saturday - potentially a restricted parking area on Glebe street in chiswick right up next to Devonshire road. It's not 100% clear where the restrcited area starts and finishes, in fact signage states it is an area enforced by parking metres but there is no metre or metered parking zone where I was parked - just a single yellow line.

Would appreciate your thoughts. I'm tempted to let them try to find me through the incorrect VRN, no vehicle is registered with the VRN they used but am concerned they may find me through a photo

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