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Topic: Finsbury Park Mosque
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 30/11/15 14:15:00

On last nights, and this lunchtimes tv news there was an article about an attempted arson attack on the Finnsbury Park Mosque.Apparently, a jerry can full of petrol had been found at the location, and a minimal amount of fire damage had been found.Nothing serious.Why then has this attempted arson drawn the attention of high ranking officers.Last nights interviewee was an assistant Commander who claimed this incident was very serious, and was being treated as a hate crime.The female officer then said she would be going to the mosque herself to investigate the crime.This lunchtimes interviewee was another female officer, a Chief Superintendent, who also claimed she would be taking a personal interest in this "very serious case"Arson, of course, is a very serious crime that can carry a life sentence. But this case caused very minimal damage, and there was no danger to life.If a similar event happened at St Michaels, would it attract the attention of such senior officers ? And would the story have even made the tv news, let alone for 2 consecutive days.

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