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Topic: Ban Pets from the 'Burbs
Posted by: Will Watson
Date/Time: 19/11/15 10:38:00

I saw someone walking their dog on the grass in front of St Michaels on Tuesday.

The dog evacuated its bowels in a most blatant manner right in front of the dog walker.

Dog and walker left the scene with the natural fertiliser remaining on the grass for the benefit of any passing small child.

It struck me that, as there is nothing really to be done to prevent this kind of thing, it would be more sensible to ban domesticated animals from the suburbs completely.

Animal lovers (who surely do not approve of the slavery dogs and cats are subjected to as "pets") can enjoy our natural wild animals foxes, squirrels, birds of great variety.

The danger of un-muzzled dog attacks would be removed.

The nuisance of barking from neighbours property would be eradicated.

Wild birds would be safe from the hunting instincts of domestic cats.

It's a win win.

Please sign my petition on

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