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Topic: Come on Guys
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 18/11/15 22:09:00

Wheelie bins (very important of course); Michael Brown and his delusions, plus much, much more... but it has all got a bit turgid recently, anyone agree?  Of course, Kerr could have been sectioned, not before time...

Anyone want to introduce something a bit more interesting?   Please?  Only look a couple of times a week now, in the good old days it was every day.  Maybe down to lovely, vibrant, opinionated people leaving - Pete, Maria and many others reading this?  I hope so. I know people object, probably rightly, so some of the bickering on the forum but without a robust exchange of views it ain't very interesting.

Just sayin'.  And, no, I am not being paid by Neighbournet to boost their ad revenue.

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