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Topic: Re:Re:Carer recommendations
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 10/11/15 10:16:00

So many carers with no experience.  Too many people with very little continuity of care.  District/Community Nurses (many of them but not enough and little or no continuity there either - but they do tend to have experience just don't have the time) drop in with no real timetable so you can wait in all day for them.  It's difficult to coordinate all these people.   If it works well for you then it is very good.

We've found that they all promise continuity of care but then have been unable to deliver.

Last week we had one no show and I had to do the getting up, meds and breakfast so lunch-time carer had to do the getting washed etc and we also had another last minute change last thing at night at bed-time with no prior warning and the girl who visited had never met the parent and had no knowledge of what to expect. If I hadn't been there she would not have known what to do and no doubt something eg meds/taking out hearing aid would not have happened.  You'll then have snowballing problems...

You need to keep your own notes because nobody else seems to be doing that properly as they rush around from place to place.  A visitors book available for everyone to see for this would be a good idea (my calendar is crammed with info such as "says will order rippling cushion"/ hearing aid battery changed/personal alarm checked/order this that and the other/).  Unfortunately the day we had 15 medical/social services/sensory services visitors and carers and telephone calls I failed to record everything as I was too frazzled.  Imagine what it is like for someone who doesn't see how many there are and who is talking! Then another day it will be just carers. 

Some people sitting in their offices think this is a piece of cake.  They ought to get off their backsides and walk the walk.  And it is a very slow walk the walk dealing with the elderly as they need to be enabled and not rushed too much - which is not something bureauprats seem to understand. 

And if I hear anybody says that they will "personally see to it..."  I can see in my mind's eye a slow-mo of that speech bubble cartoon going backwards with help.

There are problems everywhere and a lot of uninsured and illegal workers.  There is that awful story of Gloria Foster who was paying for her own care through an agency which was busted by police for employing illegals and so nobody turned up to look after her for nine days and she was found by chance by a District Nurse.  Sadly she died and the Council was taken to court.

So there are problems everywhere.  Perhaps we should be calling for more warden controlled accommodation.

Relying only on one care company may not be wise.

You may of course strike gold.  Just be vigilant and good luck!

I would be interested to hear if Elizabeth Ross has more input on what she has found that South Africa is doing and how which is good.

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