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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Pets Who Hate Vets....
Posted by: Loraine Pemberton
Date/Time: 04/11/15 15:05:00

Alfie is a big softie - lovely dog :)and I sympathise with Andy on Vet runs.

Barney my 7kg Jack Russell does exactly the same as Alfie when visiting the Vet, except with a couple of creative additions:

1) on the examination table he does very fast 360 turns going from right to left and vice versa then tries to launch himself back to terra firma
2) when I manage to capture him he then goes absolutely rigid each leg out at 90 degrees
3) his penultimate resort is to growl and bark fiercely until we get a muzzle on him
4) once muzzle is on he then plays the sympathy card - crying, eyes doubling in size and ears back looking vulnerable and pathetic...

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