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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Pets Who Hate Vets....
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 04/11/15 07:35:00

If you think you have a tough time with cats, try getting a strong, 30kg vet hating dog into the surgery.My Border Collie loves going out in the car and happily jumps straight into the back when I open up the tailgate.But if I stop within a mile of the vets, he goes ballistic.He knows where the vet is, and he knows when we are close to it.Even taking him by cab doesn't fool him.As soon as we get onto Goldhawk Road, he starts panting.By the time we get to Askew rd he's barking and whining.And when we stop and I open the tailgate, he's like a Whippet out of a trap.I have to grab his lead as he shoots past me.He will then fight me all the way to the vets front door.When we get inside he will crawl under a chair and lay there trembling and sweating.But when the vet calls us in is when the fight starts proper.He jumps across chairs and anything else that gets in his way.He jams his paws against the door frame to stop being dragged into the surgery, and when I do manage to get him inside, he runs straight into a corner and backs himself in.God help anyone that then goes near him.Except me.For safeties sake I put a muzzle on him, at that point he accepts the game is lost and will just stand there and let the vet get on with it.When I take his muzzle off, he goes back to his normal self again, and just stands there wagging his tail.Anyonevthat knows my Alfie knows he is extremely friendly with all people, and other dogs.But add a vet into the equation, and he becomes a completely different beast.

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