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Topic: Re:Re:Greenbelt
Posted by: Brian Coyle
Date/Time: 03/11/15 16:31:00

Why should Green Belt areas be concreted over with houses?
Why not concrete the whole of Hounslow (not a bad idea come to think of it), and build another 20 runways, and a few more houses?
"Far too many old unproductive people".
Who decides who is old and/or unproductive, and why? What are the criteria? In what area and how, should ideally, these unproductive people be productive? These problems largely arise because there are far too many people inhabiting this small island. In 2000 the population was about 59 million, in 2010 it jumped to around 63 million, and is currently approaching the 65 million mark. Another 20 years or so and the projected figure is well over 70 million. Suggest we all buy shares in Blue Circle, although I doubt if there'll be enough concrete to go round.

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