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Topic: Re:Re:"Poor doors" in skyscarper
Posted by: Francis Rowe
Date/Time: 26/10/15 09:29:00

I'm not sure what is particularly democratic about this arrangement.

You are working under the assumption that the people in the affordable units are poor but they are very unlikely to be. They will be sold or rented probably at around 70-80% of market value so they would need to be earning 50,000-60,000 per annum. It remains a mystery to me why we have a system which gives these people a subsidy but even if you can build a case that it is a good idea you can't expect the people paying the full price for flats to further subsidise them by paying a premium on their service charge to allow those in the affordable units to benefit from a discount.

The irony is that many in the affordable units may actually be better off than those in the full priced ones. There is growing evidence that most of these so-called affordable units are going to public sector workers. The private sector worker in the full priced flat may be able to get a slightly bigger mortgage because their base salary is higher but he or she won't qualify for defined benefit pension scheme so their total remuneration may be less off than their 'poor' neighbour.

The people who pay the full price for these flats will not be very rich. They will have to work hard to pay a large rent or mortgage on a relatively small unit in a awkward to reach part of town next to a motorway. They will probably have to work very hard for the privilege. It would not be truly democratic or socially forward to try and milk them for more money to give to people who may not be any worse off than them financially.

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