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Topic: Re:Re:Re-tuning my TV
Posted by: Delilah Hall
Date/Time: 21/10/15 22:58:00

I get all the freeview channels on my kitchen Sony TV which has the digital thingy box incorporated.. our TV in the sitting room, which is almost as ancient as my husband, has one of those separate freeview box things and he can only receive about 7 digital channels  - we do not have any thing other than normal television, no cable or Sky type stuff, and I wonder if it is something to do with the aerials.. my TV is on a different one to his, although both receive their signal from the same transmitter.

When I had an old TV in the kitchen I used the same freeview box and I could access all the channels with it.. all a bit spooky really.

The boys are threatening to accidently bust his ancient set and then we can have a nice new one in the siting room  - the question is, will all the freeview be available on it? If it is down to the aerial, then the answer will be no.
Then someone will have to climb onto the roof and change the aerial I suppose...

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