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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Foxlow in Chiswick
Posted by: Gordon McDonald
Date/Time: 18/10/15 08:37:00

We went last night.

Nice buzz about the place and friendly, warm atmosphere. Lighting nicely muted but impossible to read by. Lots of people (our table included) using iPhone/smartphone torches to decipher the (very small) menu text.

Didn't rate the menu as it was too limited and many of the starters just didn't 'go' with each other so didn't make for a great sharing concept (which I like). Steaks good (their bread and butter, right?) but on the expensive side for the sizes offered, especially as they don't 'come' with anything and everything else (chips etc.) is an extra.

Decent house red.

Service is still being smoothened but friendliness and a smile made up for any clunkiness. 

Our bill (incl. 50% off food) for three came in at over 170.

As it stands, we wouldn't go again (at least for dinner). 

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