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Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 15/10/15 20:43:00

I'm a local and replied within 5 minutes of getting the email to book soft launch and hey presto - got a table!!  They did forewarn what time the email for the soft launch would go out.

And as it happened I was the first person through the door on their first soft launch day!

Food was very good - cannot fault it at all.  Staff were fantastic and so pleased that so many of them were familiar from Sam's.  And the new faces were friendly, welcoming, accommodating and keen to please.

Its definitely a different food offering from Sam's - more Brasserie and less individual flair / whats available and in season.  But then the daily menu change was one of Sam's USPs.  The choice felt a little limited, there was one service issue, but it was their first hour on soft launch and I've received an email asking for my feedback which I will give constructively.

I don't think the prices are any higher than Sam's and the weekend Brunch menu looks fab.

Foxlow is not opening until noon on weekdays but they did say once they were bedded in they will look to open for the weekday mornings.  They are also not offering a bar menu but will do so later.

Decor is different - more wood and more of a separation of restaurant and bar.  Darker walls and a less "industrial" decor than Sam's.  Wider boothes in the bar area - for 4 people, instead of two, and more booths in the restaurant area. 

I was worried it wouldn't "live up to Sam's" but the decor, menu and layout was different enough that I felt I could judge it as a restaurant in its own right.  And my feeling was positive.  I will still miss Sam's very much as, well, it was Sam's".  But first feel is I will happily become a Foxlow customer.

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