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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Renewable energy
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 17/10/15 22:04:00

There is a lot of data so just a brief summary.
The government has proposed huge cuts to the Feed-in Tariff ( FiT )- the scheme which supports small scale renewables.
The proposal suggests that the domestic FiT will be cut by 87%,decimating the roof top solar industry in the UK.
Cutting the FiT will:
1. Put at least 20,000 people at risk of job losses.
2 Result in over 1million fewer schemes being installed by 2020.
3 Increase our annual carbon emissions by 1.6 million tonnes.
Ending the FiT will mean that it will take longer than 20 years for solar panels to pay for themselves and only those with thousands of pounds of disposable income will be able to install them.
Most families, schools, councils and community groups will† be forced out of the solar revolution.
The proposed cuts will save at most £6 from household utility bills - far less than the £230 that energy companies routinely overcharge their customers.
This proposal will leave the UK trailing behind† in the solar revolution and needlessly threaten jobs that will be vital for our future low carbon economy,
It will also undermine all efforts to raise the most vulnerable out of fuel poverty.
Ruth Cadbury supports all this. " the UK has fallen behind France, India and Japan in terms of renewable energy investment attractiveness, hampering the development of cheap forms of clean energy. Consumer bills will rise rather than fall."
Meanwhile there are huge tax cuts for dirty and dangerous fracking, huge investment in nuclear and a silence with a commitment to phase out coal.
It is clear that renewable energy must move away from subsidies but this is too soon and too drastic.

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