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Topic: We need a very special foster carer for Coromandel (Cora).
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 16/10/15 12:40:00

Below is a plea from HAWs regarding a cat who has apparently been traumatised by humans but who is not feral (therefore she should be able to be brought round to enjoy living with people).  You can see the Facebook story and a photo of Cora here:

If you could share the story on your own facebook page for a local(ish) foster carer I would appreciate it:

Do you have a relatively quiet home and are looking to care for a cat who needs to learn that people are nice? That you will be able to make a “project” and hopefully turn a feline life around?

A very special foster home is needed (or a very very special adoptor) for Cora. Cora is short for Coromandel which is a wood that is the pattern of tortoiseshell. She was dumped on a doorstep in a gardening recycling bag with her 5 kittens. She is the most beautiful cat, with stunning green eyes and will be quite a large cat when she puts back on weight she has lost through being a stray and feeding her 5 kittens.

Cora came into us and successfully raised her kittens in one of our foster homes. However, she was previously terribly traumatised by something, and we can’t work out what it is. She is very scared of people, however her behaviour suggests she is not feral but has lived in a human household at some point and then become a stray. Maybe she was raised in a home and then had to fend for herself and maybe she was abused. After 6 weeks with a fosterer who has brought around some very nervous cats previously, Cora has made little progress in learning to trust again.

Being a fosterer to Cora will probably need to be a medium term situation. She will not be able to be moved on quickly, unless we find a similarly situated adopter comes forward (or maybe YOU are that similarly suitable adopter!).

Cora got a second bout of tummy problems (she is fully litter trained) and as the kittens were 9 weeks old and Cora needed to wean the kittens and be spayed, we have moved her to Chiswick Pet Care where she will be cared for get over any illness and to then be spayed. However, Cora will then need to go into a special home. One which is relatively quiet, but where she will need to have some loving interaction with people – she will need space but she will need to have contact with people. It is likely to be best if someone is home for a lot of the day so that she doesn’t just hide when people come home in the evening. There will need to be no other cats and preferably have a garden she can eventually go out into.

We have a few ideas about things that might bring Cora around – being spayed, removing the kittens, a special type of calming food, a natural supplement to help her, even giving her access to a garden are all things that have worked with scared cats in our or our vet’s experiences before. But she and we need time to work through them and find something that suits her.

If you are a previous fosterer or are considering fostering as a medium term part of your life, please consider taking Cora. We won’t pretend this will be easy and her foster carer is heartbroken she hasn’t worked out what will bring her around. It’s hard to look at her and not be able to tell her she is safe. We will give the foster carer as much advice and information as possible as will her previous foster carer and the vet she’s currently being cared for.

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