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Topic: Re:Re:Property madness
Posted by: Michael Adams
Date/Time: 03/10/15 11:55:00

michael adams waffled on as follows -

As is well known (Sir) Michael Redgrave and family
lived at Bedford House, Chiswick Mall between 1945 and
1954 etc etc etc.


The Redgraves bought the house on a mortgage in
1945 paying  £12,000 for the house and adjacent
studio. The house was in need of exterior work
to the brickwork. Owing £10,000 in income tax
in 1954, an offer was accepted of £18,000 for
the house and £4000 for the studio. There was
still £7,500 outstanding on the mortgage.
(Hence the previous error).
Source:"Secret Dreams" ( a Biography of Michael
Redgrave) Alan Strachan pps 229, 311.
The house was bought from, and re-sold to
Sir Arthur Ellis, physician to the London
Source: John R.Inglis Panorama of the Thames

michael adams


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