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Topic: Re:Amazon ordering problem
Posted by: Michael Adams
Date/Time: 02/10/15 23:24:00

Ann Williams pointed out

" What's worrying is that I'm repeatedly being
asking for my card details (4 times now) without
letting me review the information I've already
provided and I can't get to the 'confirm' page."


I've been using Amazon continuously for at least
five years and so I can't remember if I experienced
this particular problem.

With Amazon I believe it's necessary to fill in all
your card details on your own "My Account" page
before you can do anything else. The only time
I ever access this myself is to update my card
details whenever a new one is issued. 

Apart from that, with a lot of sites,
it's quite common to be asked to fill in all
ones card details including the expiry date,
and three number code before being allowed to
confirm. In fact very often when using Visa
its necessary to jump through yet another hoop
- Visa Verification which means remembering yet
another password befoire being allowed to proceed
any further. Even when paying for a TV Licence
in the same name and address as is linked to
the card.

michael adams


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