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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 27/09/15 20:42:00

I guess there is a reason why you want a cattery, maybe for the reasons that others have posted, but not a good option for kitties in ann ideal world for many reasons that I'd be happy to discuss if you'd like to PM me.  But it sounds as if you are considering this reluctantly.  

House and animal sitters are a much better option if you are not happy with the twice a day feeding that some catsitters operate (although unfortunately one of the best on here only does one feed a day and that is completely not appropriate for my siamese who can get by on two feeds but really need at least three feeds, play etc a day).

Before I got my cats I agreed to look after a pair of cats from a poster on this forum who had got a job in the US for a year.  They lived with me (didn't let them out apart from a walk round the garden every day in my arms) and we agreed a rate for providing their food.   It was lovely for me, and I was so distressed at the idea of giving one of them, the incredibly intelligent, stunning and affectionate tabby Daphne back, at the end of the year that had been agreed with the owner, I decided to get a couple of cats of my own to fill the huge void returning them to the owner would leave.  Now have five. 

Anyway, the point of this somewhat  rambling story is to say there are many options and a cattery would be the last to my mind and there may well be other animal-loving people like me who would look after your cats in their (ie, not your) home if. as it sounds, coming into your home may be an option.    If you don't want or can't have a feeder/house stayer then maybe someone who will take them into their home while you are away could be a good option.  Not ideal but better than a tiny cage in a cattery where they can pick up all sorts of diseases.  I do know someone who does that, pm me if you want to know more.

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